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empowering positive impact: helping nova scotia businesses thrive.


the ralli way.

Our mission is to empower businesses and brands who are creating a positive impact for Nova Scotia.

We are a marketing company that is dedicated to partnering with businesses and brands that share our passion for the people, culture, and environment of Nova Scotia.

who we serve.

We focus on working with businesses that fall into three categories: Improve, Inspire, and Invest. Our Improve clients are dedicated to improving the lives of Nova Scotians, our Inspire clients highlight the beauty and attractions of Nova Scotia to visitors or migrants, and our Invest clients are building world-class businesses and choosing to stay and invest in Nova Scotia to grow their brands.

how we do it.

Our Services

Ralli Marketing was born from a passion of wanting to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Our journey began as a creative agency. We saw a gap in the market where creatives were using great art but not great strategy to help their clients grow. Our approach was to fill that void by using data and strategy to drive the creative process. ‘Strategy meets storytelling’ was born.

Through our journey in true entrepreneurial spirit we grew and embraced opportunities that brought value to our clients. Today these services include strategic development, web development, SEO, digital advertising, design and social media management.

Web Design


Making sure your digital foundation feels and does what you need it to.

Digital Ads


Getting in front of the right people, at the right time with the right message.



Bringing your brand to life through photo, video, word and design. 

Search Engine

Search Engine

Tap into the power of Search Engine Optimization to attract more visitors and engage your target audience.

Social Media

Social Media

Communicate, engage, build trust and deliver value.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A powerful tool that can help businesses reach their target audience quickly and effectively.

our clients.

Who we’ve helped along the way

Let the success of our clients tell the story of who we are. We work with companies who are looking to build sustainable growth – from global franchises and tech companies to local shops.

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Ralli is a flexible company that has taken pride around the idea that our mandate is to help the client first. 

Let’s connect and find out what kind of strategies can propel your business forward.

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