Refinding Nova Scotia's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ralli Marketing is proud to be a Nova Scotia based business and we believe there many world class business owners right here in our own backyard. But the hard truth is that there are not enough of them. According to Statistics Canada Nova Scotia ranks as the worst province in Canada when it comes to the number of businesses we have relative to population. In addition another study found that 72% of Nova Scotia business owners are not getting what they want from their businesses. 

Hopefully this serves as a stark wake-up call that demands a thorough reevaluation of our entrepreneurial culture. It’s evident that the strategies and systems we have in place are not yielding the results we need. We need to start by fostering a broader cultural shift that values and encourages entrepreneurial pursuits. This isn’t just about increasing numbers or providing more funding (although those are nice)—it’s about changing how we think about entrepreneurship at a foundational level. The data is clear; our current path is not sustainable. It’s time for a significant cultural shift to unlock the true potential of Nova Scotia’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Introducing The Ralli Project

The Ralli Project is an initiative funded by Ralli Marketing to positively impact the health of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia.This is accomplished by focusing on projects that:

  • Inspire individuals to become entrepreneurs.
  • Improve the lives of entrepreneurs.
  • Invest in other business and organizations making an impact in this space.

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Our Initiatives and Projects

In 2017 The Mindset Project conducted a privately funded study that revealed 72% of business owners in Nova Scotia are not getting what they want from their businesses and mindset was one of the top reason why. Today we are following up on original study with a new research project, designed to uncover what is holding entrepreneurs back here in Nova Scotia. 

Are You One Of The 72% Of Entrepreneurs Who Are Looking For ​More Clients? Freedom? Revenue? Leads? Time?

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Founder of Ralli Marketing
Jason Davis

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