Integrating Meta and Google Ads in 2024

We wanted to talk about a strategy that’s been a focus of ours in 2023 and is shaping up to be even more impactful in 2024 – the synergistic use of Meta and Google Ads.

We’ve often seen businesses trying to choose between Meta and Google Ads or if they do run them both it is as separate campaigns. Something we’ve learned is that there’s incredible power in bringing these two together.

Our approach at Ralli is all about making these platforms complement each other. By understanding the unique user behaviors on each platform, we’ve crafted a marketing approach that amplifies the strengths of both.

Our deep dive into 2023’s data revealed that Meta Ads are fantastic for driving web traffic affordably. They’re like a bustling digital marketplace where people aren’t necessarily shopping but are open to discovering and learning. For example in 2023 across all of the campaigns we managed we saw an average CPC (cost per click to a website) of $0.17!

Once we attract visitors to your site with Meta, we switch to Google Ads for the all-important retargeting. This is where we’ve seen a significant uptick in conversion rates, leveraging Google’s ability to catch users when they are in their solution-seeking mode.

If your strategy has been one-track or you’ve been keeping these platforms in silos, it might be time to mix things up. Combining Meta and Google Ads could be your key to better traffic and higher conversions.

If you’d like to see how this can be applied to your business? I’m here for a chat. Let’s explore how a combined Meta and Google strategy can help your business reach new heights.

Jason Davis
Founder, Ralli

Meta + Google


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